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The door in front of you is green and the brass number 62 hangs just below the peephole. Police tape stretches across the door frame in a zigzag pattern. The incandescent light to your left flickers. Something terrible happened here last night. For reasons you don't quite understand, you have to find out what it was.

The Rooms is a horror novelette by Stu Horvath in which you choose your course through the story and the decisions you make influence its outcome. Featuring nine possible endings and over seventy illustrations by Yves Tourigny.


The Rooms is available in three editions.

Deluxe: Designed and hand assembled by game designer Yves Tourigny, this version of The Rooms plays out over three separate booklets and features pull-out maps and a unique folding mechanic. Strictly limited to 100 copies.

Standard: A conventionally arranged version of The Rooms, contains all of Yves' illustrations but lacks much of the intricate game design, available both in print and PDF. (FORTHCOMING)

Twine: A multimedia text adventure experience constructed in Twine, includes Yves' illustrations and sounds throughout. (FORTHCOMING)

THE ROOMS printable materials

Click here. Permission is granted to print and make reproductions for personal use.
For use with the Deluxe edition.